gps tracking for trucks

GPS Tracking Device, System and Software for Trucks or lorry at a very lowest price. 

GPS Tracking System For Trucks

The benefits of GPS Tracking For Trucks 

Smart GPS Tracking

The Smart GPS Tracking for trucks or lorry allows the owners of the fleet company to track multiple trucks in the easiest way.

Antitheft GPS Locking

The latest technology with the GPS systems is Antitheft GPS locking, which helps the owner to stop the engine remotely from the app or web.

Real-time Location Tracking

The main benefit of every GPS tracking for trucks or lorry is real-time location tracking. You can track your valuable vehicles anytime anywhere.

Truck Fuel Tracking

New Ultrasonic truck fuel sensor will give you the exact fuel report of your trucks or lorry. The truck fuel tracking also intimate for fuel theft.

Unlimited Playback

Our Software provide unlimited playback of the truck GPS tracker. By using it you can check the playback of the route where the Trucks traveled.

Instant Notifications

The SppedtrackGPS mobile App gives you instant notifications for everything, like car ignition on or of Overspeed alert low fuel alert, and many more.

Why you choose our gps tracker for your truck

There are lots of companies available in India who are installing the GPS tracking for truck or lorry we are one of them. But the main USP of our company is the after-sale service. We provide unconditional after-sales service in any location in India. We care about your trucks or lorry and understand your need.

SpeedtrackGPS never spent a single rupee for advertisement but we got regular orders from our user reference. Because we provide quality GPS Tracking Devices and our engineers are very professional and always on time. There are more than 4000 GPS installed in Mumbai and Maharastra. We are given some more points below why you choose our GPS tracker for your Truck or lorry.

Quality GPS Tracking Device

We always keep in mind after-sale services that's why we always install Quality GPS tracking devices in trucks or lorry. The major numbers of trucks running continuously without stopping so without a quality GPS tracking device it's not possible to provide accuracy.
We provide two years of unconditional device warranty. But we can promise you that our device will run 10 years continuously without any trouble.

Qualified GPS Installer

All of our GPS installers are qualified and very professional, so they are installing the GPS without cut any wire. Most of the car manufacturer company denied giving a warranty if the wire cut, so we take care of it and we use some smart fuse for installing the GPS.
The wires that we are using at the time of installation are water and fire resident, it can be work if the temperature more the 100-degree Celcius.

Quick After-Sales service

The main issue of the GPS industry is after-sales services. And the main USP of sppedtrackGPS is superior after-sales services. Our technical executives are always active for your query or concern, for anything anytime. We have lots of technical executives available all over India.
The main plus point of our executive is they well-known every location of Mumbai or Maharastra, so we can serve better and quicker for any fault of the truck or lorry.

Extra features of GPS tracker for trucks

Trip Allocation

Trip allocation is the most powerful feature for every truck or lorry owner. In the modern era, the e-commerce business is growing very fast, so trucks owner also plans the trip according to their need.

Nearby Truck Finder

For some big truck companies, a nearby truck finder is the most useful feature. By using this feature they can find which trucks available nearby for picking the orders quickly.  

Fuel Theft Alert

The fuel theft alert can save lots of money for the owner of the truck. This will helps you to get an instant notification if someone tries to steal the fuel from your trucks or lorry. 

Tire change alert

A tire change alert will notify the owner when they need to change the tires. As all you knew trucks having multiple tires, our software helps you to remind you when a new tire needed.  

Exact Odometer Reading

Exact odometer reading will help you to generate invoices for your customers. The maximum numbers of customers are now willing to pay according to odometer data, and you get proper data from our GPS software. 

Documents Renewal Reminder

There are lots of documents that need to run trucks or lorry on road in India. And sometimes if the owner forgets to renewal the documents then they have to pay the fine. Our software makes it easier for you.

GPS Tracking Software for Trucks

SppedtrackGPS always provides quality GPS tracking software for trucks or lorry. A quality GPS software with an accurate giant server needed to provide the best solution to the owner of the truck. Only in SppedtrackGPS software, you can manage thousands of vehicles in a single panel. Also this software support unlimited numbers of the user, so you can give access to anyone for some particular trucks.

You can get a holistic report for the trip, travels, milage, AC, route summary in this software. The fleets company like our product because they can customize any reports from their panel without any technical knowledge. This GPS Software gives you the report in Excel, PDF, CSV, Word, Google Sheet, and many more other formats, so you can open the file from any device.  

Features Other GPS Devices SppedtrackGPS
Realtime Tracking
Ignition Status
Over-Speeding Report
Vehicle Lock
Idling Report
2 Years Device Warranty
Panic Button
Fuel Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
Playback History (180 Days)
Geo-Fencing Report
Nearest Vehicle Locator
Nearest Fuel Pump Locator
Driver Verification


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

The SppedtrackGPS team makes our work very simple, now we can track the trucks instantly from our mobile. I love this GPS tracking App because it's not required high-speed internet. Also a five start for the support team.
Mr. Balwinder Singh
Truck Owner
Love this product because the GPS software support unlimited numbers of trucks in a single panel. And the reporting system of the software is simply superb, it's completely dynamic so we can customize it anytime.
Mr. Ranjan Sir
Fleet Owner
From 2015 to till date the SppedtrackGPS company work for us and they give the best professional services. My five-star review for the Smooth GPS tracking software and on-time quality services.
Mr. Durgesh Sir
Fleet Owner

Supported Cars

FAQ of GPS tracking for Truck

Q. What is the full form of GPS?

Ans. The full form is Global Positioning System.

Q. How many modules available in this system?  

Ans. There are lots of modules available in this system. But the two majors are
1. Normal GPS Tracking System
2. AIS 140 GPS Tracking for Truck.

Q. Who Use AIS 140 GPS Tracking for Truck?

Ans.As per the government’s new rules, all commercial vehicles must need the AIS 140 GPS tracking device for passing from the RTO office. The Truck AIS 140 GPS devices come with a panic button, the driver and support team can use it when they fall into any panic situation. The AIS 140 device contains 2 sim cards one is BSNL and another one is Airtel/VI. By using the BSNL sim any government organization can track the vehicles.

Q. What is the full form of AIS ?

Ans.The full form of AIS is an automatic identification system.

Q. How many users can track a vehicle? 

Ans.Our GPS tracking software support unlimited numbers of the user, so you can give access to anyone, there is no user limitation.

Q. How many vehicles support in a single user ID?

Ans.As mentioned earlier our software has no limitation, so unlimited cars can be managed from a single panel.

Q. Do you provide training?

Ans. We certainly do. All new customers receive training as part of their initial setup. This can be fulfilled on campus or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.

Q. How Many Records saved for route playback?

Ans.By default our software stores 180 days of data on the server, but we can customize it and save up to 365 Days of Data without any extra cost.

Q. How can I order the GPS Tracking Device for my truck or lorry?

Ans.It’s very simple to order a GPS tracking device for your truck or lorry. Just you have to call or mail us for the same. Our technical engineers will reach your area within 48 hours.

Q. How Many Computers or mobile Support this GPS Software?

Ans. This software is completely cloud based , you can access it from any electronics device over the internet.

Q. Is There Any Data Backup Facility In The Software?

Ans. Yes, in the l software large data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all. Up to 20-50 years.