fuel tracking system

Track your vehicle’s fuel up to the last drop.

Fuel Tracking System PRODUCT SUMMARY

After long research and development, we are finally launching our ultrasonic fuel tracking system. It will be used with a smart GPS tracking device so you can monitor this in your favorite GPS tracking Software.

Before launching the product on market we demonstrate on some big organization like MGL, IOC for up to one year.

What differences us from others?

We are India’s fastest growing GPS tracking and fuel monitoring system provider company. We are holding the positions only for the after-sales services. GPS tracking system a very useful and sensitive IoT device. If the user-facing any problem in the system and software we are always there within an hour.  There is no need to send an email, generate a ticket, waiting for technician allocation like other corporate companies. We are always giving the best services to our client if just get a call or a massage.

We don’t have any working hours limitations, we also serve on Sunday and all public holidays.

Fuel Tracking of school Bus

Now you can track your school bus's fuel status by using the Sppedtrackgps fuel sensor.

Fuel Tracking For generator

Generator fuel tracking also possible with our fuel tracking system, it's easy to use and low on price.

Fuel Tracking For Road roller

The fuel tracking system on the road roller can save up to 40% fuel cost of your road roller.

Fuel Tracking For JCB Machine

The best fuel tracking system for the JCB machine is here. Call us for a free demo to your doorstep.

Fuel Tracking For Tanker

Fuel tanker tracking management now simple with our advanced fuel tracking system.

Fuel Tracking For Trucks

GPS Tracking system along with fuel sensor can save up to 30% running cost. We are ready to give the free demo.

Fuel Tracking For Tower Crane

We can track in the high sky also. The fuel tracking system comes with an intelligent theft protection sensor.

Fuel Tracking System For Hydra

The Hydra machine having a big fuel tank but the SppedtrackGPS fuel sensor capable to track the fuel accurately.

How Fuel Tracking System works

First, we will install a smart ultrasonic fuel tracking sensor in the vehicle’s fuel tank. The Fuel Tracking system will send the data to our smart GPS device. The GPS device connected with a GPS server via the internet and will send the data to the server frequently.

You will find the holistic report and live usages in Our GPS Tracking Software & App.

Key Features & Benefits :-


By Using our AIS 140 GPS tracker for your vehicles you can check real-time position of your vehicle.


Our advanced software keep all the record up to 60 days, you can check the report whenever you want.


SOS call & Panic bottom use for your student’s safety, if they feel unwell in vehicle then they can use this for quick action from your site.


Our AIS 140 tracker device is able to fight with dust & water. It’s completely dust & water proof device.


Now you also get the alert of vehicle doors alert. If the doors are not locked properly you receive the alert of it.


With MIC and speaker connected, it’s easy to realize voice-monitor or two-way audio


Get instant alert for over speed, low fuel, open door, geo fencing via mobile app, SMS or Email.


Protect your vehicle from thief. You can stop the car instantly by sending a simple SMS.

air conditioner report

Track and prevent the misuse of your car's air conditioner. It can increase your car's mileage instantly.

Fuel Monitoring

Track your vehicle's fuel up to the last drop. With the Fuel monitoring GPS device, you can save thousands of rupees per month.

Temperature Report

Now you can track the engine CPU temperature in our GPS Software. And the notification if the temperature is high or low.

Documents Management

Manage your vehicle's documents with this GPS Software and App. You will get the renewal notifications automatically.

Note : There are more than 100+ features and benefits available in the software, we are always ready to give you a live demo for better understanding.