GPS Tracking System for Trucks

At our company, we offer state-of-the-art Smart GPS Tracking for trucks and lorries, providing you with the means to track, secure, and manage your fleet effortlessly. Our solutions are not only innovative, but also approved by the Road Transport Office (RTO), ensuring your fleet operates in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

GPS Tracker For Trucks

Smart GPS Tracking for Trucks and Lorries

Our cutting-edge Smart GPS Tracking system lets you track your trucks in real-time, delivering accurate location and route data. Equipped with robust geofencing capabilities, it allows you to establish custom boundaries and receive alerts whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the designated area.

RTO Approved Tracking for Trucks and Lorries

As an RTO-approved provider, our GPS tracking systems meet all necessary regulations and standards, providing you with peace of mind. Our devices ensure your fleet is always visible, traceable, and operating within the law.

GPS Tracking with Engine On-Off System

Our GPS tracking system comes with an advanced engine on-off system, enabling you to monitor and control the engine remotely. This system not only increases the security of your fleet but also promotes efficient fuel usage.

GPS Tracking for Truck with Fuel Tracking System

Maximize your fleet’s efficiency with our GPS tracking system equipped with a fuel tracking feature. It allows you to monitor fuel consumption closely, identify any irregularities, and manage costs effectively. With our system, you can ensure that every drop of fuel is accounted for.

Realtime Fuel Tracking System

AIS 140 GPS for Trucks

In compliance with the AIS 140 standards set by the Automotive Research Association of India, our GPS devices are equipped with emergency request buttons (SOS), ensuring the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

Our AIS 140 GPS devices also deliver real-time traffic information and route guidance, improving the efficiency and timeliness of your fleet’s operations.

We are committed to providing you with the best GPS tracking solutions, designed with your needs in mind. Whether it’s security, efficiency, or compliance, our systems deliver outstanding performance and reliable results. Contact us today to find out how our GPS Tracking System for Trucks can benefit your business.

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Most frequent questions and answers about AIS 140 GPS in Mumbai

Smart GPS Tracking is an advanced system that allows fleet owners to monitor and manage their vehicles in real-time. It provides accurate location and route data, and comes with geofencing capabilities, which alerts you whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area.

Being RTO approved means that our GPS tracking systems comply with the standards and regulations set by the Road Transport Office. This ensures that your fleet is always visible, traceable, and operating within the law.

The engine on-off system in our GPS tracking solution allows fleet owners to remotely control the engine of their vehicles. This not only enhances the security of your fleet but also aids in efficient fuel usage.

Our fuel tracking system provides real-time data on fuel consumption for each vehicle in your fleet. It helps you to monitor fuel levels, identify irregularities, and manage fuel costs effectively, ensuring that every drop of fuel is accounted for.

AIS 140 GPS is a set of standards for GPS tracking devices set by the Automotive Research Association of India. Our GPS devices comply with these standards, and include features such as emergency request buttons (SOS), real-time traffic information, and route guidance, contributing to the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Our GPS tracking systems are easy to install. Upon purchase, we provide a detailed guide and customer support to assist with the installation. However, for a more seamless experience, we recommend having the device professionally installed.

Yes, the data from our GPS tracking system is fully encrypted and secure. We adhere to strict data privacy regulations to ensure that your information remains confidential and protected.

You can access the GPS tracking information via our user-friendly mobile app or web platform, which provide real-time updates about your fleet, anytime, anywhere.